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"That's the Way" Led Zeppelin on a Monday morning. Life is good!!!
BG (6/2)

Saw a lady at Lowes today sporting a 95.5 t-shirt. Mentally high fived you guys!
BC (6/1)

Thank God that someone finally broke free and posts music worth listening too!
JB (5/31)

Thank you for bringing great music to Cullman!
AF (5/30)

Found it today! Love it!
PB (5/26)

Just Found you Today. The 25th and have really Enjoyed the Format. FINALLY A LOCAL STATION TO LISTEN TO FOR ENJOYMENT!
TT (5/25)

This has literally became my favorite station ever. You actually play things like Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and stuff. So thank you very much. If you could possibly play Your Biggest Fan by Never Shout Never, I'd be overjoyed. c:
JQ (5/23)

Really enjoy the station. Really educating me on different types of music. Keep up good work!
JT (5/15)

"Most of the time" I'm playing LPs (sometimes CDs) thru a wonderful H.H. Scott 299C tube amplifier and wonderful speakers. This early PM I decided to turn the tuner on and went surf'n thru the dial .... what did I find ... A Great Radio Station In CULLMAN, AL. THANK YOU !!! So Far So Good ... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK play'n some great MUSIC.
AP (5/15)

Finally! REAL MUSIC! Thank you for being here in Cullman, Live 95.5!
LE (5/13)

Can you play a song by Train?
RC (5/9)

Finally a radio station in Cullman that plays rock!!!
BC (5/8)

This is the new Cullman station I was telling you about!
CT (5/4)

 Really Really enjoying this station!!!!!!!!
HH (5/4)

Just wanted to give a huge thanks to you guys for playing the absolutely best music on the radio!!
You're all I listen to now!
KC (5/2)

I am looking forward to the day that I can turn on the radio and not hear Phil Collin's "In the Air Tonight", Van Halen's "Jump" or Bon Jovi's "Dead or Alive" coming from the speakers. Other radio stations seem to play these 3 songs on constant rotation and they become very old and very tiresome to listen to.
BG (4/29)

Found the station on a Wednesday morning at 10:00 playing Zeppelin's "Gallows Pole" and then going to town this past Saturday night and they were playing Chicago's "Free". Music that did not get much airplay when it was new but was amazing to own the album and get played alot at home. I love this station!!!
BG (4/29)

So great having a radio station in Cullman that plays real music!! Do you ever play any Dream Theater? - MH (4/23)




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