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Live 95 prefers to be unique and different about many aspects of our station. Sponsorships and advertising concepts are no different. We have created what we believe is a unique opportunity for small budget businesses to get their name on the radio for a very minimum cost.  Additionally, Live 95 has a commitment to return 100% of it's net profits to local charity.  Cullman Community Radio (doing business as Cullman's Live 95) is a not for profit 501(c)(3) company as mandated by the Federal Communications Commission for our class of radio station.

  • Live 95's radio signal serves Cullman County.   Not Huntsville, Not Birmingham, Not Gadsden - Cullman!   If you air an announcement on Live 95 your listener is right here in Cullman.

  • Live 95 enjoys a target audience of both Male and Female listeners ages pre-teen to early 50's.  We air a wide variety of music.

  • Cullman Community Radio, Live 95's parent company, is a non-profit 501(C)(3) as required by the type of radio station license we have.  Advertising with Live 95 is tax deductible!

  • We currently have a very minimal sales staff. We rely on you to contact us to air your announcement.  If interested in a part time job (commission only), contact us :)

Announcement Rates
Effective: 8/1/2017


Live 95 is a service of Cullman Community Radio Inc.
Cullman Communtiy Radio      Post Office Box 547         Cullman AL 35056

Advertising periods begin on the 1st or 15th of the month unless otherwise requested.
Production deadlines are 7 days prior to the beginning of each ad period.

Option One - Standard Random Air Times - Unlimited Airings

15 Days - $125
1 Month - $200
3 Months - $450
6 Months - $750
12 Months - $1200

Option Two - News Features

Alabama Radio Network

$150 for one ad period of the month
$300 for both ad periods of the month

News Break - 6:50 am

Business News Break - 7:10 am

News Break - 7:50 am

News Break - 8:50 am

News Break - 11:50 am

News Break - 2:50 pm

News Break (Sports) - 4:50 pm

News Break (Money) - 5:50 pm


Option Three - Music Features

Saturday Mornings
Breakfast with "An Artist"
(Example - Breakfast with the Beatles)
two hours of music featuring that artist

Pick your Saturday - $75
Sponsor the entire month - $200

Sunday Evenings
Sunday Night "Live"
2 hours of music from a live recording

Pick your Sunday - $75
Sponsor the entire month - $200

Saturday Evenings
Cullman "Live"
2 hours of music recorded from a live
local band at one of our remote broadcasts

Pick your Saturday - $75
Sponsor the entire month - $200


Option Four - Specialty Programming

Sports Talk Live
Airs Tuesday / Thursday (during the fall)
4 PM - 6 PM
also available "on demand"

$250 per month

Friday Night Live
Football Play-by-Play
Friday Evenings
also available "on demand"

$500 for the season
($50 per game)

Spotlight on Cullman - Community Info
2 Times per day Tuesday and Thursday
also available "on demand"

$150 per month

Option Five - Live Remote Broadcasts

$75 per hour
2 Hour Minimum

**management approval on date required**

Live Remote Broadcasts Packages

One Month Standard Sponsorship +
2 Hour Station Live Remote Broadcast

$300 (25% savings)

One Month Standard Ads +
4 Hour Station Live Remote Broadcast

$400 (20% savings)



Option Six - Studio Sponsorship

$500 for the month.

Multiple announcements per hour that station programming is coming from the studio with your business name on it.


"Broadcasting from the XYZ Pharmacy studio, this is Live 95. Cullman's Independent Radio"


Option Seven - Station Combo Offers

Standard station ads +
Friday Night Live

$875 (25% savings)
Ad period Aug 15 - Nov 15

Standard station ads +
Friday Night Live +
Sports Talk Live

$1335 (33% savings)

** All announcements have a $25 production fee

** Sponsorships are single donation except annual sponsorships which can be semi-annual donations.

** Local churches can rent time on Sunday mornings up to one hour.  The cost is $75 per hour, billed at $300 a month. We can work with you to time shift your service or broadcast it live.

** Other entitles, per management approval, can rent time on the station.  The show time rental amount is $100 / hour.

Cullman Community Radio is a non-profit radio company.
All net proceeds will be returned to the community via charitable donations.

Once Live 95 has received your request we will help you to generate a message best supportive of your business or air an announcement you already have.

Cullman Community Radio is a 501(C)(3) non-profit company.

Please visit our facebook page and comment on what else you'd like to see from us.



WRJM-LP is a service of Cullman Community Radio
(W)e a(R)e (J)ay & (M)elissa - (L)ow (P)ower


Cullman Community Radio
PO Box 547
Cullman AL 35056


Sales Contact Information:  (256) 708-9114
Studio Call In Line:  (256) 737-9505